About Us


Onlineschooluniform.co.uk is an authorised school uniform web site offering approved embroidered school uniform direct to parents.

We work with your school to provide the best possible quality uniform at affordable prices. All garments are embroidered with your schools crest as required by each individual school.

School Uniform can be a logistical nightmare for schools tying up valuable funds, time and storage space

Many schools find it time consuming and costly to deal with school uniform. We at onlineschooluniform.co.uk will remove these concerns from your school to enable them to concentrate on providing you, the parent and your children with the best possible personal attention whenever you need it.

We understand the importance of good quality school uniform

Onlineschooluniform.co.uk has been set up to provide parents with an easy and convenient way to purchase approved school uniform online. We guarantee that we will provide you with your schools approved uniform either by post direct to your door or ready for pick up in your school. All of our garments are of the highest quality and very hardwearing. You can order at anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
If your school does not already use onlineschooluniform.co.uk then let them know about us so that we can start providing you and your school with the uniform service that you deserve. You can contact us on info@onlineschooluniform.co.uk we guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours.