Ethical Statement


At onlineschooluniform we take our responsibilities as a business very seriously and make every effort to work with companies who are also dedicated to working for the good of communities and the environment. We are also committed to long term relationships with all of our suppliers who in turn are all members of SEDEX.

Who is Sedex?

Sedex are a global organisation who uses Ethical Trade Initiative as a base code for monitoring standards in its audits.  These initiatives cover areas of health and safety, working conditions, human rights, working hours plus environment and business ethics.  All garments that we supply are rigorously tested by our suppliers and ourselves.


Our suppliers are all moving towards Eco products using recycled polyester.  These are made from re-spinning melted down existing plastic to make fibre and plans are also in the pipeline to use fabrics from garments that would otherwise go to landfill.

Our cotton is also from sustainable sources our suppliers are members of Better Cotton (BCI) to ensure sustainability programmes in the world while protecting and restoring the environment.

Plastic packaging

We keep our use of plastic packaging to a minimum by reducing the number of garments that we supply that are individually wrapped in plastic.  New plastic that can be recycled in local supermarkets is being introduced by the end of 2023.